Tuesday, October 16, 2012

CYOA: Water Crisises and Culture

Water.  It's the simplist drink out there.  We don't need an ID to purchase it, and there's nothing evil like "calories" in it.  Except, there's a lot more to water than meets the eye.  There's the rumors that pregnant women shouldn't drink water in Kalamazoo because of the high levels of metal, and we've all heard of water that smells like eggs or is funny colors because of rust content, or have seen spots on plates because the salt level isn't high enough in someone's well water.  In my adventure, we're going to explore the benefits of water consumption, examine the difference between tap and bottled water (besides checking the number on the underside of your plastic bottle), and focus on the global scare for water's scarcity, and how it affects the global scale.  Here are two short videos pertinent to American and Global water, and some basic links with facts you can skim if you're curious. 

Bottled Versus Tap for dummies: 

How much you should drink and why (according to the Mayo Clinic): 

Global Statistics (Center for Disease Control and Prevention):

Water Changes Everything Campaign: 


The Great Bacon Hoax: 


  1. McKenna,
    I'm so glad we're looking at water for your CYOA! I think this is such an interesting topic with so many different issues attached. Can't wait to discuss tomorrow!

  2. Mckenna!

    I'm so glad that this ties a lot into what other people have done for the CYOA! It's going to be a great discussion, I can feel it!